Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fab (tom) Ford!!

Hello lovelies!!

Gosh, it's been a while... mainly due to the fact that I've just finished EIGHT 12 hour shifts in a row!! Have a lovely day to myself today and was planning on having such a lie in.. but alas... no such luck! Been awake since 5.30 AM!!! FML! Good in a way, as i've caught up on cleaning and can now attend to my blog before i hit up town!! #CANNOTWAITFORTOPSHOP!!!!!

So, in my last blog i mentioned about the lovely Tom Ford lippy i was wearing...

Review: Basically, AMAZING is the appropriate description!!


The packaging is glorious... i love white and gold and the gold plate also doubles up as a make-shift handy mirror! BONUS! The coverage is fabulous and the staying power is also amaze! All in all i would defo recommend it... it is pricey for a lippy, being slightly more that £30... but defo defo worth it for killer lips!!

Anyone tried any other amaze lippies with good staying power?? Can't wait to get into some autumnal berry shades!!

Julia x

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