Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's been a long time...

Ohh dear.. December...really?!

So.. it's been that long, not because I haven't wanted to write...just that I got lazy in a computer sense! I've been using Instagram, which i LOVE!
Over the past 3 months.. I've been working, partying, shopping and eating. Managed to slip a good few gym sessions in between all that too! I've been home a few times, to a concert and to New York..which was AMAZE! First time, and defo won't be my last! It was also my birthday in March! The big 23 now!! So yes..busy few months with lots of photos and various outfits.

I've also gotten out of the way of outfit post photos but they will get back on track too!! I've been working a LOT recently but still keeping up with the lovely bloggers that i follow.. Lily's blog is defo a fave read for me!

Anyways.. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and start putting up some outfit posts!

Ooo, also I got the Harrod's Glossy box for my Birthday! Shall do a post of it too!

Posting again soon lovelies!!

Julia xx

Friday, 30 December 2011

Belated as always....

Happy belated Christmas lovelies!!

Hope you've all had an ab fab time and got super delicious things!!

I'm currently at home and have forgotten to bring my SLR with me, so I'm left to taking iPhone photos.. not the best but they'll do and shall all be uploaded when I get back to Cardiff!

I have been working all of the Christmas period which is complete minus craic (the life of a nurse) but it wasn't the worst so i shan't complain! Glad to be home now and living it up with my beautiful family!
On Christmas eve, I, along with my wonderful housemates opened our presents to and from each other! Amaze night! I got a beautiful Barbour, some delicious leather gloves, 2 h.bags and other bits and bobs. I promise that when I get back to normality I shall upload all of the photos of everything!!

Since I've got home, I've got some more beautiful things from the fam, and a new bottle of Coco Madamoiselle! Delish!!!

I'm gona try to remember to take some photos of my time at home and NYR number 1 is to be a better blogger and actually do more!! Hope it works out! Ha!

Hope you all have a lovely NYE and Happy New Year lovelies!!

Slobbery new year kisses,

Julia xx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What's in my make up bag...!

So, title is pretty much what this post holds... I blogged about it and now finally getting round to do it!!


From doing this post, I've realised that:
1. Basically, I have a lota stuff that prob needs chucked!! 
2. I LOVE eyeliner more than I realised!
3. I also love lipstick more than I realised!

Now for the basics that I wear mostly on a daily basis....

1. "Bad Gal" Mascara- I used to always use this then "they're real" came out and i moved to it. I use this (dried up) wand to fill in my brows...
2. "They're Real" Mascara- Benefit
3. Rimmel crayon eyeliner- black
4. Liquid eyeliner, Benefit- magical! Creates a fab, even line!
5. Elizabeth Arden Double Wear Light- unreal stuff! I'm not one for re applying make up throughout the day and this has good staying power
6. Sun shimmer- light matte. If i was doing developing tan it would be White 2 Brown.
7. Topshop lippy- big fan of red shades so i would normally wear reds
8. Collection 2000 loose powder
9. Guerlain Bronzer for "brunettes"
10. A pink blush I've had for ages and cant remember the name!

So that's it lovelies.. a peek inside my make up bag.. not overly exciting!

Do you use any of these products??

Julia xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Gona pick up the pieces....and finally post!

TWO WEEKS... TWO WEEKS!!! My goodness- i have been sooooooooo bloody boring!!
So over the past 2 weeks... i have been:

1. working- hugely unattractive uniform
2. drinking and dancing- outfits to follow
3. shopping- too many presents for me..
4. eating out too much!

Again, been working a mixture of days and nights, explaining why my life is complete minus craic!
Though, i have been out twice which i suppose is something... first of all was a very drunken night out with 2 of my lovely friends. Wore a pink (very unlike me) dress from Topshop with some gold bling..

Some very strange posing in the first photo..

Second night out was also a very drunken Christmas party! I got some delicious new shoes from H&M (photos to follow in next post) which were the most comfortable EVER..but for comfort.. i ended up with manny a blister (I'm gona blame all my dancing on that thou).

I wore a fabulous dress I picked up in Miss Selfridge.. completely last minute as I was scouring the rails of practically everywhere in town and found NOTHING! Then came across this beauty just before I gave up!

Shopping- too much money that i dont have to spend was spent on myself... Christmas shopping tomorrow, so NO presents for me! (though i do need a new outfit for the bloggers meet!! HA!) Shall do a post tomorrow with all my recent purchases..
While browsing the rails in Toppers, I saw this beauty....

I will be wearing this if i ever meet Prince Harry..or Harry Styles! YUMM!!

As said, I've been eating out quite a bit.. been very bad at photographing it... too busy eating it!! (NOM)
As from today thou.. serious healthy eating needs to kick in! Im going home in 2 weeks (YEAH!!) and i cannot be a whale! While out for lunch with the girls in Cowbridge last week, i was very "Emmerdale" chic..(purely cuz i was wearing Barbour..) agreed? HA!

Shall do recent purchase post tomorrow.. for now its off to lie up in my onesie.. with my blanket and a hot water bottle cuz it's bloody freeeeeeeezin!!

Julia x

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oh what a beautiful day... for staying in bed!!!

Hello lovelies!!

So currently, I am still in bed! Lazy dog!! Though not entirely fair, as i did potted about the house for a short period this morning then hopped back underneath the sheets as its far too rainy and cold to be doing anything strenuous! The rest of my morning/ afternoon has been spent creeping over blogs and lusting after everything on the toppers website! why oh why am i not rich!?!

I have also purchased my ticket to the bloggers meet in Bristol! EEK! very excited!! and cant wait to meet some lovely bloggers! The lovely Kate Louise and I have been emailed re the planned events, thus increasing my excitement even more!! Off work the weekend, so I hope to have a looksie in town for a suitable outfit! I know i only bought new outfits 2 weeks ago, still with tags on... BUT it is a bloggers meet, so obvs i need something new! Ha! Any1 going/ know what they're wearing?

If i do move from bed today, I shall try and do something exciting/ take some outfit's been ages!!
Also, thinking about a "whats in my make up bag" post.. love reading them, so think i'll try my own!!

Abso loving Snow Patrol atm..always have, but even more so.. here's a lovely video to lose youself in!

Julia x