Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oh what a beautiful day... for staying in bed!!!

Hello lovelies!!

So currently, I am still in bed! Lazy dog!! Though not entirely fair, as i did potted about the house for a short period this morning then hopped back underneath the sheets as its far too rainy and cold to be doing anything strenuous! The rest of my morning/ afternoon has been spent creeping over blogs and lusting after everything on the toppers website! why oh why am i not rich!?!

I have also purchased my ticket to the bloggers meet in Bristol! EEK! very excited!! and cant wait to meet some lovely bloggers! The lovely Kate Louise and I have been emailed re the planned events, thus increasing my excitement even more!! Off work the weekend, so I hope to have a looksie in town for a suitable outfit! I know i only bought new outfits 2 weeks ago, still with tags on... BUT it is a bloggers meet, so obvs i need something new! Ha! Any1 going/ know what they're wearing?

If i do move from bed today, I shall try and do something exciting/ take some outfit photos....it's been ages!!
Also, thinking about a "whats in my make up bag" post.. love reading them, so think i'll try my own!!

Abso loving Snow Patrol atm..always have, but even more so.. here's a lovely video to lose youself in!

Julia x

Monday, 28 November 2011

Blah blah blah..............

Hello lovelies!

My goodness... i feel so bloody boring these days! All i seem to be doing is working or sleeping!! Seriously need some proper time off!! Off work today and have had a throughly fabulous day cleaning- i do love cleaning so today has been in no ways wasted! but i yearn to do something fun!! Also, been working a mixture of day and night shifts, so that again screws up any sociable plans!!
Such a rant!!!!

But anyways.. on to something nicer... I have a lovely week off next week, which will be spent shopping, drinking dancing (work christmas party) and just having some lovely days off work! Two weeks ago, i bought 5 new outfits.. yes 5, from shoes to accessories!!. I go mad when I'm finally let loose to shop! So far i've been able to wear one! NOT FAIR! So over the course of the next week, i hope to give all 5 a whirl and take lots of photos...

Gona do my christmas wish list up and also book my ticket to the bloggers christmas party!! The lovely Kate Louise has kindly said i can tag along,  travel with her to Bristol for the big night out! #excited!!! Need to decide on an outfit now!! Eek!! As i'm new to the whole blogging things, this is very daunting!! Any suggestions on outfits??

Off to do more cleaning now!

Julia x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Never was a fan of falsies and then i came across the ever so stylish Gem's tip on some falsie nail art and was hooked.... 

First up.. chosen falsie stuck to ear buds with white tack.. These nails are from a set of 100 i got from Boots.. Handy!

 Next step: Paint with chosen base. This is a lovely one from Topshop- i love the coverage from these..some colours do need 2 coats, but this is only one coat!

Next step: I painted some of the fabulous glittery OPI varnish from "the Muppets" collection.

I forgot to get some photos of putting them on and filing them down, but they can be seen in the previous blog post..

Simples! Enjoy lovelies!

Julia xx

Lazy Tuesday....

Hello darlings!

Happy Tuesday... i LOVE days off! but sadly, this is my last before i go back to the joys of work tomorrow! :( boo! cue setting my alarm for 06.08.. very precise, i know! I have my morning routine down to a T and do not like any deviation from the norm!

On my lovely week off, I have been lounging, shopping, drinking and catching up with friends.. all in all, a fabulous week was had! Yes- more shopping!! Can anyone help me STOP!? Please!! But as soon as i walk in to Toppers, i immediately want EVERYTHING in sight!! Oh to be Chloe Green... sigh!!

So, as previously mentioned- I had a night on the tiles on Saturday with some of my lovely friends.. I wore a playsuit from Topshop and some New Look heels!

** Excuse the very messy background in first picture- moving house/still not finished unpacking= messy house!

Can just about see my nails in this photo.. i painted some falsies..first with a lovely topshop green base then the Muppets OPI glitter polish! Shall post those photos after!

So what have you lovely people been buying/getting up to??

I've also just finished a lovely Skpye session with one of my very good friends who is living it up in Oz!! Miss you millions Alicia!!  And now I'm off to enjoy my last day off, with a very lazy day watching Harry Potter DVD's for the duration and having some homemade soup in my onesie!

Toodles lovelies!

Julia xx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Topshop treats!

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are fabulous! Came home from work yesterday evening to find a note saying that I had a parcel left with my next door neighbours...having only moved last week, I was really hoping that my neighbours were lovely and wouldn't try to keep my Topshop treats! Luckily enough-she was lovely! handed it straight over it the lovely polka dot wrapping!
I bought these gorgeous shorts and this fab tee and a few other bits and bobs of accessories..all in all, a lovely parcel to come home to!
Also, i have a week off work which makes it even better!!

This weekend, my 2 housemates and I are all having a night out in town! We all haven't been out properly in Cardiff in MONTHS!! What with work, and holidays and trips home, but this weekend is gona be epic! Total glam up affair- nails, lashes, new outfits! Can't wait! We also have a friend coming down from London and a few other friends in Cardiff joining the party!! Strange how excited I am for a night out! HA! Cue lots of photos, dancing, gin and lols!!

I shall take (hopefully!) lots of outfit posts and general lol moments and blog all with a delightful hangover on sunday! :)

Anyone doing anything fab this weekend or bought anything new??


I LOVE this song!! Enjoy!!

Julia x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Musings from home...

2 posts in one day...not to annoy, but because i've been a bad blogger and want to over-compensate/ bore you all!

I was back in lovely Ireland a few weeks back for my gorgeous niece's 1st Birthday! Had a fab time at home and was so nice to see everyone! My mum and dad were attempting to take some blog photos (see, i didn't forget) but weather/ bad lighting/ background issues meant proper outfit photos are limited!!

 First up, this is my 2 beautiful nieces and myself, then some dodgy attempts at outfit posts, then the birthday girl and me in our matching leopard prints and finally, Edith and myself (looking very yellow- damn you iPhone)

So these photos leave a lot to be desired... i must try harder when i'm home but i get too distracted by my gorgeous babes!!! Think all of what i'm wearing is from topshop..apart from the blazer (new look) and the hat (primark)

Off to try and cull my wardrobe now! :(

Julia x

Happy Movember!

This is my lovely Mo ring- fitting since it's Movember!!

Lovelies.. oh my! Yet another post about how long it's been since my last post!! I need to get back to this...but then again...is anyone actually reading/caring what i'm putting on here?! Oh well... i shall ramble on anyways...

Hope you've all been fabulous and buying lots of gorgeous things! Last week, I moved house.. so I'm gona use that as my excuse reason for blogging so sporadically! Goodness- it was such a nightmare!! Packing up a years worth of new purchases along with my already exisiting stuffed wardrobes was such a task! I also came to the conclusion that a major cull is needed! I've less wardrobe space in my new house compared to my last place, so that is also why i need to cull! :(
Good news re this: EXCUSE FOR SHOPPING!! YESSS!!

Was in Topshop yesterday evening and they had a "late night event".... free cider (which was delish! cinnamon, apple and strawberry i think i chose) free nail painting, goodie bags and a DJ... was a nice surprise considering i was just heading in for new leggings!

Spotted these boots that i need in my life!! And a plethora of other things..again, why can i not be rich!?!

Has anyone bought anything lovely recently that i can lust after?! moving house has seriously cut down my shopping budget!! :(

Julia x