Sunday, 25 September 2011

Super Saturday- OOTD

Hello lovelies!

So yesterday, I went to town with some friends for shopping...seen some gorge things that are on the list for pay day next week! :) There was also a lovely Italian market that we went a bit wild on.. feeling continental so had to buy something of everything! (made for a delish hangover picnic today thou). Following our splurge, we felt the need to go for one drink.........which turned into a lot more than 1! Random day of good fun. Here's what i wore yesterday:


I'm wearing Topshop dress and leggings, new look brogues and blazer, primark hat and a mixture of toppers and urban o jewellery.
Gona do a FOTD post next and rave about my gorge Tom Ford lippy that im wearing in the photos!

Well, I need to get ready for work now.. another night shift looms! :(

Happy Sunday!

Julia x

Friday, 23 September 2011

First ever OOTD....

So, this is my first every OOTD. It's a slightly dodgy pose and I have no tan or nails on, so I have lots to improve on.. which will happen!

Topshop t-shirt by Tea & Cake
Topshop shorts
Primark tights
Guess watch

Julia x

Bon Voyage, Blogs and Banter!!

Gosh, it's been a while since my last post..... one reason for the slack posts is due to a "surprise visit" home last weekend! One of my very good friends moved to Oz with her bf yesterday, so last weekend was the leaving party! I had initially said I couldn't go due to work, but thanks to a lovely work mate I got a swop and made it home! Cue ballons, cake, dancing, gin and goodbye tears! It was a fabulous leaving party and I'm glad I made it home! (will miss you millions Alicia!!!)
Here's a photo of 3 of us before we headed out... I'm wearing a topshop dress, new look shoes (not seen) and topshop/urban o jewels

Michaela, Alicia and Me! Pre Gin...

Since I've got back from home I've been working.. now i have 4 lovely days off and so far today I've agreed the let on our new house! Woo! I ventured into the estate agents a few days ago, explained what we were looking and luckily enough the guy had a perfect sounding house, with pretty good pictures to match!! Had a viewing yesterday and paid the deposit today! How exciting!! Can't wait to pack up my things now!! (get a good clear out of my wardrobes)

Rest of this afternoon has been spent catching up on blogs and all the LFW vlogs, blogs and posts! All amazing!! Had some serious lolz at Gem and Lily on Gem's vlog of LFW. Also, Sarah Harding at the Look show= amaze!!!

Got the usual topshop update email! oh how i swooned all over the gorge limited edition dresses. I want at least 4! Oh to be rich!!

Haven't been shopping in a few weeks so might hit up town tomorrow..just to have a little look! Been looking for a nice black semi casual dress.. fingers crossed!
Much banter to be had this weekend as a few of us are off work together (which very rarely happens) so updates later!!

Julia x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Oh what a Manic Monday...

Yes, I know it's Wednesday... but on Monday.. i had a full on breakdown in work. HOW EMBARRASSING!! Cue lots of slobbering..tears and snotty nose rants! FML. I have fabulous work mates though, who helped me through the craziness that i literally still cannot explain, or rationalize why it happened all of a sudden!!? But that's in the past now and I had a wonderful day yesterday in work! Yeah! But enough about work..

New lust list.. dunno why for the second time I've only put 4 items on, as i am lusting after hundreds.. laziness?  For some reason it won't let me upload it.. BOO! So i shall try again later.

Today, I am waiting on my friend Vicky so that we can hit up town, have some delish food and go to the cinema. Gona see Friend's With Benefits!! Lots of perving on JT! Woo! Also, excited for said girly date as it's been forever and a day since we've had one! Damn you working life! While I'm waiting, I'm attempting to do some nail art, รก la Gem Fatale... seen this in her wonderful Tuesday Tips and thought I'd give it a whirl.. i don't normally do falsies either but I'm always up for trying new things... I shall post about it when I'm finished.. with some photos to go along with it! I'm pining after all the A/W stuff in the shops atm.. oh to be rich! Sigh!

Also, need to start house hunting soon too...I've been in Cardiff almost a year and our contract in the current house is soon up!  I dread packing up my wardrobe as currently i have MASSSSSIVE wardrobes that fit all my things in perfectly! I fear that the new house is going to be nowhere near as beautiful as the current house and all my belongings will be crammed in suitcases for a long time.. but i shan't focus too much on that! PMA is the way forward!!

On a completely different note.. how amaze are these boots! Seen them a while ago on a blog (whose name I forget- Sorry! :( but how fab are they!?)

Well, I'm off to get ready for my day of fun!! :) I'll update more ramblings and photo efforts soon!
Julia x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

DIM- did it myself!

Hello lovely people!!

So.. few photos of the bits and bobs I've bought over the last week...

So, we have a few from primarni (coat, boots and hat) cat print dress and leopard print shirt from new look.. topppers dress, converse and the lovely little bracelet is from urban outfitters.. Oh how I love Urban O!!

Today.. I've been nursing a hangover.. did a bit of a pub/club crawl round Cardiff last night, involving lots of gin, jagermeister and dancing! Ventured into "Reflex" for the first ever time just to see what it was like! Description: CHEESY CHEESY CHEESY! But i LOVED it! I was strolling around with giant love heart sunglasses and a blow up microphone! Classy bird! The music was extremely cheesy too, but fabulous! Did feel like a bit of a "youngster" but my friend Leanne and I just danced the night away...before we moved on!
Hangover outfit today consists of leggings, Jack Wills hoodie and fluffy socks! Lush!

While nursing said hangover..i took part in some DIY! My effort was really just marking points to be cut and holding things...but nevertheless... i DIM! Thoroughly enjoyable hobby and helped to shake some of this stinking hangover!! DIY fans???

Anyone bought any little gems recently? I have a million more things that i want but funds do not allow such things at the minute!! Boo!!

Slobbery kisses
Julia x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I heart Topshop!

So this is a select few of the MILLIONS of things i want from Toppers right now..

I was in town the other day and had to take a quick nip in "just to see". And man did i see...A LOT! The place is just a haven! I did buy one dress for general everyday wear.. and i can't pass up a good bit of animal print. What you think?

I'm trying to save (boring!) due to the fact that I have not saved a penny in the last year! And decided on pay day that I was going to "be good" this month and not do the usual and go on a splurge on pay day... So far, I've been quite good! I picked up a few Primarni buys (photos to come soon), this Toppers dress and a delish headband from R.I.

The one thing missing off this "lust list" is the one and only Mulberry Bag. I've been hungry for a Mulberry for a long time now (namely the Bayswater satchel) Imagine this baby on your arm.. I can but dream...or save! Dream for now! An Alexa would go down well too... Any really generous people wana buy me one?? Go on....!!!

Anything out there you're lusting after?? Make me drool...

Julia x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Need this...

So, since last year.. i've been pining after a Barbour waxed jacket... obvs keeping a close eye on the high street as i do not have such funds for a true Barbour (sigh!)... the other day, while having a nose in Zara, I seen this beauty linked above! Lush!
So...It's £79.99, lovely "farmer green" colour and has a removable gilet. I rationalized the purchase down to the fact that I would spend around £50 on a dress from Toppers, to wear maybe 2 or 3 times and think nothing of it because it's a "going out outfit". So, £79.99 on a delish coat that will see me through A/W and for years to come is well worth it....yes??

Well, after deciding all this, trying it on instore (didn't have my size) i took to the internet... only for it to be bloody sold out in my size too! Damn!! I shall have to keep scouring the web until it's back... i NEED this!

Anyone seen any other good copies out there??

P.s. The creepy title is due to Zara's description on the website..not through my own thoughts...
Julia x

Hello, Bon Jour, Dia Duit, Hola!!!

Wow... so here goes....

This is my FIRST ever blog! Very excited though apprehensive as i do wonder who will actually want to read my ramblings...

Small bit about me: I'm sure from the title you've guessed my name is Julia..I'm 22, from N. Ireland, though live and work in Cardiff.
Been a blog "creep" (such a horrible but apt word) for many many months now and have always wanted to set up my own..just for fun. I'm a tad computer illiterate so never really ventured into it, but today, as i wait to go work a nightshift (boo!) i thought, "why the hell not"!

This blog will basically be about my general everyday life...what I'm doing on my days off work, what i'm buying, lusting after, cooking, eating, drinking etc.. (drinking has to be featured, I'm stereotypical Irish!)

I will include as many photos as people want (i love to snap) and will hopefully torture my lovely housemates into snapping some outfit posts also.

This is just a brief introduction into what i aspire this to be... really just a bit of fun!

All comments and improvement suggestions welcome!

Bye for now...

Julia x