Friday, 30 December 2011

Belated as always....

Happy belated Christmas lovelies!!

Hope you've all had an ab fab time and got super delicious things!!

I'm currently at home and have forgotten to bring my SLR with me, so I'm left to taking iPhone photos.. not the best but they'll do and shall all be uploaded when I get back to Cardiff!

I have been working all of the Christmas period which is complete minus craic (the life of a nurse) but it wasn't the worst so i shan't complain! Glad to be home now and living it up with my beautiful family!
On Christmas eve, I, along with my wonderful housemates opened our presents to and from each other! Amaze night! I got a beautiful Barbour, some delicious leather gloves, 2 h.bags and other bits and bobs. I promise that when I get back to normality I shall upload all of the photos of everything!!

Since I've got home, I've got some more beautiful things from the fam, and a new bottle of Coco Madamoiselle! Delish!!!

I'm gona try to remember to take some photos of my time at home and NYR number 1 is to be a better blogger and actually do more!! Hope it works out! Ha!

Hope you all have a lovely NYE and Happy New Year lovelies!!

Slobbery new year kisses,

Julia xx

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