Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What's in my make up bag...!

So, title is pretty much what this post holds... I blogged about it and now finally getting round to do it!!


From doing this post, I've realised that:
1. Basically, I have a lota stuff that prob needs chucked!! 
2. I LOVE eyeliner more than I realised!
3. I also love lipstick more than I realised!

Now for the basics that I wear mostly on a daily basis....

1. "Bad Gal" Mascara- I used to always use this then "they're real" came out and i moved to it. I use this (dried up) wand to fill in my brows...
2. "They're Real" Mascara- Benefit
3. Rimmel crayon eyeliner- black
4. Liquid eyeliner, Benefit- magical! Creates a fab, even line!
5. Elizabeth Arden Double Wear Light- unreal stuff! I'm not one for re applying make up throughout the day and this has good staying power
6. Sun shimmer- light matte. If i was doing developing tan it would be White 2 Brown.
7. Topshop lippy- big fan of red shades so i would normally wear reds
8. Collection 2000 loose powder
9. Guerlain Bronzer for "brunettes"
10. A pink blush I've had for ages and cant remember the name!

So that's it lovelies.. a peek inside my make up bag.. not overly exciting!

Do you use any of these products??

Julia xx

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