Monday, 12 December 2011

Gona pick up the pieces....and finally post!

TWO WEEKS... TWO WEEKS!!! My goodness- i have been sooooooooo bloody boring!!
So over the past 2 weeks... i have been:

1. working- hugely unattractive uniform
2. drinking and dancing- outfits to follow
3. shopping- too many presents for me..
4. eating out too much!

Again, been working a mixture of days and nights, explaining why my life is complete minus craic!
Though, i have been out twice which i suppose is something... first of all was a very drunken night out with 2 of my lovely friends. Wore a pink (very unlike me) dress from Topshop with some gold bling..

Some very strange posing in the first photo..

Second night out was also a very drunken Christmas party! I got some delicious new shoes from H&M (photos to follow in next post) which were the most comfortable EVER..but for comfort.. i ended up with manny a blister (I'm gona blame all my dancing on that thou).

I wore a fabulous dress I picked up in Miss Selfridge.. completely last minute as I was scouring the rails of practically everywhere in town and found NOTHING! Then came across this beauty just before I gave up!

Shopping- too much money that i dont have to spend was spent on myself... Christmas shopping tomorrow, so NO presents for me! (though i do need a new outfit for the bloggers meet!! HA!) Shall do a post tomorrow with all my recent purchases..
While browsing the rails in Toppers, I saw this beauty....

I will be wearing this if i ever meet Prince Harry..or Harry Styles! YUMM!!

As said, I've been eating out quite a bit.. been very bad at photographing it... too busy eating it!! (NOM)
As from today thou.. serious healthy eating needs to kick in! Im going home in 2 weeks (YEAH!!) and i cannot be a whale! While out for lunch with the girls in Cowbridge last week, i was very "Emmerdale" chic..(purely cuz i was wearing Barbour..) agreed? HA!

Shall do recent purchase post tomorrow.. for now its off to lie up in my onesie.. with my blanket and a hot water bottle cuz it's bloody freeeeeeeezin!!

Julia x

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