Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oh what a beautiful day... for staying in bed!!!

Hello lovelies!!

So currently, I am still in bed! Lazy dog!! Though not entirely fair, as i did potted about the house for a short period this morning then hopped back underneath the sheets as its far too rainy and cold to be doing anything strenuous! The rest of my morning/ afternoon has been spent creeping over blogs and lusting after everything on the toppers website! why oh why am i not rich!?!

I have also purchased my ticket to the bloggers meet in Bristol! EEK! very excited!! and cant wait to meet some lovely bloggers! The lovely Kate Louise and I have been emailed re the planned events, thus increasing my excitement even more!! Off work the weekend, so I hope to have a looksie in town for a suitable outfit! I know i only bought new outfits 2 weeks ago, still with tags on... BUT it is a bloggers meet, so obvs i need something new! Ha! Any1 going/ know what they're wearing?

If i do move from bed today, I shall try and do something exciting/ take some outfit photos....it's been ages!!
Also, thinking about a "whats in my make up bag" post.. love reading them, so think i'll try my own!!

Abso loving Snow Patrol atm..always have, but even more so.. here's a lovely video to lose youself in!

Julia x

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