Thursday, 8 September 2011

I heart Topshop!

So this is a select few of the MILLIONS of things i want from Toppers right now..

I was in town the other day and had to take a quick nip in "just to see". And man did i see...A LOT! The place is just a haven! I did buy one dress for general everyday wear.. and i can't pass up a good bit of animal print. What you think?

I'm trying to save (boring!) due to the fact that I have not saved a penny in the last year! And decided on pay day that I was going to "be good" this month and not do the usual and go on a splurge on pay day... So far, I've been quite good! I picked up a few Primarni buys (photos to come soon), this Toppers dress and a delish headband from R.I.

The one thing missing off this "lust list" is the one and only Mulberry Bag. I've been hungry for a Mulberry for a long time now (namely the Bayswater satchel) Imagine this baby on your arm.. I can but dream...or save! Dream for now! An Alexa would go down well too... Any really generous people wana buy me one?? Go on....!!!

Anything out there you're lusting after?? Make me drool...

Julia x


  1. I would love a Mulberry bag too - surely every girl who loves fashion either has one or wants one! Love the Topshop picks xx