Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Need this...

So, since last year.. i've been pining after a Barbour waxed jacket... obvs keeping a close eye on the high street as i do not have such funds for a true Barbour (sigh!)... the other day, while having a nose in Zara, I seen this beauty linked above! Lush!
So...It's £79.99, lovely "farmer green" colour and has a removable gilet. I rationalized the purchase down to the fact that I would spend around £50 on a dress from Toppers, to wear maybe 2 or 3 times and think nothing of it because it's a "going out outfit". So, £79.99 on a delish coat that will see me through A/W and for years to come is well worth it....yes??

Well, after deciding all this, trying it on instore (didn't have my size) i took to the internet... only for it to be bloody sold out in my size too! Damn!! I shall have to keep scouring the web until it's back... i NEED this!

Anyone seen any other good copies out there??

P.s. The creepy title is due to Zara's description on the website..not through my own thoughts...
Julia x

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  1. Saw this jacket at the weekend in store, my sister in law tried it on in the navy, it was fab on, really want one myself!

    Good luck with the blog, getting myself organised for my own, watch this space!