Sunday, 11 September 2011

DIM- did it myself!

Hello lovely people!!

So.. few photos of the bits and bobs I've bought over the last week...

So, we have a few from primarni (coat, boots and hat) cat print dress and leopard print shirt from new look.. topppers dress, converse and the lovely little bracelet is from urban outfitters.. Oh how I love Urban O!!

Today.. I've been nursing a hangover.. did a bit of a pub/club crawl round Cardiff last night, involving lots of gin, jagermeister and dancing! Ventured into "Reflex" for the first ever time just to see what it was like! Description: CHEESY CHEESY CHEESY! But i LOVED it! I was strolling around with giant love heart sunglasses and a blow up microphone! Classy bird! The music was extremely cheesy too, but fabulous! Did feel like a bit of a "youngster" but my friend Leanne and I just danced the night away...before we moved on!
Hangover outfit today consists of leggings, Jack Wills hoodie and fluffy socks! Lush!

While nursing said hangover..i took part in some DIY! My effort was really just marking points to be cut and holding things...but nevertheless... i DIM! Thoroughly enjoyable hobby and helped to shake some of this stinking hangover!! DIY fans???

Anyone bought any little gems recently? I have a million more things that i want but funds do not allow such things at the minute!! Boo!!

Slobbery kisses
Julia x

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