Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hello, Bon Jour, Dia Duit, Hola!!!

Wow... so here goes....

This is my FIRST ever blog! Very excited though apprehensive as i do wonder who will actually want to read my ramblings...

Small bit about me: I'm sure from the title you've guessed my name is Julia..I'm 22, from N. Ireland, though live and work in Cardiff.
Been a blog "creep" (such a horrible but apt word) for many many months now and have always wanted to set up my own..just for fun. I'm a tad computer illiterate so never really ventured into it, but today, as i wait to go work a nightshift (boo!) i thought, "why the hell not"!

This blog will basically be about my general everyday life...what I'm doing on my days off work, what i'm buying, lusting after, cooking, eating, drinking etc.. (drinking has to be featured, I'm stereotypical Irish!)

I will include as many photos as people want (i love to snap) and will hopefully torture my lovely housemates into snapping some outfit posts also.

This is just a brief introduction into what i aspire this to be... really just a bit of fun!

All comments and improvement suggestions welcome!

Bye for now...

Julia x

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