Friday, 23 September 2011

Bon Voyage, Blogs and Banter!!

Gosh, it's been a while since my last post..... one reason for the slack posts is due to a "surprise visit" home last weekend! One of my very good friends moved to Oz with her bf yesterday, so last weekend was the leaving party! I had initially said I couldn't go due to work, but thanks to a lovely work mate I got a swop and made it home! Cue ballons, cake, dancing, gin and goodbye tears! It was a fabulous leaving party and I'm glad I made it home! (will miss you millions Alicia!!!)
Here's a photo of 3 of us before we headed out... I'm wearing a topshop dress, new look shoes (not seen) and topshop/urban o jewels

Michaela, Alicia and Me! Pre Gin...

Since I've got back from home I've been working.. now i have 4 lovely days off and so far today I've agreed the let on our new house! Woo! I ventured into the estate agents a few days ago, explained what we were looking and luckily enough the guy had a perfect sounding house, with pretty good pictures to match!! Had a viewing yesterday and paid the deposit today! How exciting!! Can't wait to pack up my things now!! (get a good clear out of my wardrobes)

Rest of this afternoon has been spent catching up on blogs and all the LFW vlogs, blogs and posts! All amazing!! Had some serious lolz at Gem and Lily on Gem's vlog of LFW. Also, Sarah Harding at the Look show= amaze!!!

Got the usual topshop update email! oh how i swooned all over the gorge limited edition dresses. I want at least 4! Oh to be rich!!

Haven't been shopping in a few weeks so might hit up town tomorrow..just to have a little look! Been looking for a nice black semi casual dress.. fingers crossed!
Much banter to be had this weekend as a few of us are off work together (which very rarely happens) so updates later!!

Julia x

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