Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Oh what a Manic Monday...

Yes, I know it's Wednesday... but on Monday.. i had a full on breakdown in work. HOW EMBARRASSING!! Cue lots of slobbering..tears and snotty nose rants! FML. I have fabulous work mates though, who helped me through the craziness that i literally still cannot explain, or rationalize why it happened all of a sudden!!? But that's in the past now and I had a wonderful day yesterday in work! Yeah! But enough about work..

New lust list.. dunno why for the second time I've only put 4 items on, as i am lusting after hundreds.. laziness?  For some reason it won't let me upload it.. BOO! So i shall try again later.

Today, I am waiting on my friend Vicky so that we can hit up town, have some delish food and go to the cinema. Gona see Friend's With Benefits!! Lots of perving on JT! Woo! Also, excited for said girly date as it's been forever and a day since we've had one! Damn you working life! While I'm waiting, I'm attempting to do some nail art, รก la Gem Fatale... seen this in her wonderful Tuesday Tips and thought I'd give it a whirl.. i don't normally do falsies either but I'm always up for trying new things... I shall post about it when I'm finished.. with some photos to go along with it! I'm pining after all the A/W stuff in the shops atm.. oh to be rich! Sigh!

Also, need to start house hunting soon too...I've been in Cardiff almost a year and our contract in the current house is soon up!  I dread packing up my wardrobe as currently i have MASSSSSIVE wardrobes that fit all my things in perfectly! I fear that the new house is going to be nowhere near as beautiful as the current house and all my belongings will be crammed in suitcases for a long time.. but i shan't focus too much on that! PMA is the way forward!!

On a completely different note.. how amaze are these boots! Seen them a while ago on a blog (whose name I forget- Sorry! :( but how fab are they!?)

Well, I'm off to get ready for my day of fun!! :) I'll update more ramblings and photo efforts soon!
Julia x


  1. Hey thanks for the lovely comment. You have a great new blog! Love your posts, I'll definitely be checking back for more :) Now following you!


  2. oh these boots are sososososo great.

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