Friday, 4 November 2011

Musings from home...

2 posts in one day...not to annoy, but because i've been a bad blogger and want to over-compensate/ bore you all!

I was back in lovely Ireland a few weeks back for my gorgeous niece's 1st Birthday! Had a fab time at home and was so nice to see everyone! My mum and dad were attempting to take some blog photos (see, i didn't forget) but weather/ bad lighting/ background issues meant proper outfit photos are limited!!

 First up, this is my 2 beautiful nieces and myself, then some dodgy attempts at outfit posts, then the birthday girl and me in our matching leopard prints and finally, Edith and myself (looking very yellow- damn you iPhone)

So these photos leave a lot to be desired... i must try harder when i'm home but i get too distracted by my gorgeous babes!!! Think all of what i'm wearing is from topshop..apart from the blazer (new look) and the hat (primark)

Off to try and cull my wardrobe now! :(

Julia x

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