Thursday, 10 November 2011

Topshop treats!

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are fabulous! Came home from work yesterday evening to find a note saying that I had a parcel left with my next door neighbours...having only moved last week, I was really hoping that my neighbours were lovely and wouldn't try to keep my Topshop treats! Luckily enough-she was lovely! handed it straight over it the lovely polka dot wrapping!
I bought these gorgeous shorts and this fab tee and a few other bits and bobs of accessories..all in all, a lovely parcel to come home to!
Also, i have a week off work which makes it even better!!

This weekend, my 2 housemates and I are all having a night out in town! We all haven't been out properly in Cardiff in MONTHS!! What with work, and holidays and trips home, but this weekend is gona be epic! Total glam up affair- nails, lashes, new outfits! Can't wait! We also have a friend coming down from London and a few other friends in Cardiff joining the party!! Strange how excited I am for a night out! HA! Cue lots of photos, dancing, gin and lols!!

I shall take (hopefully!) lots of outfit posts and general lol moments and blog all with a delightful hangover on sunday! :)

Anyone doing anything fab this weekend or bought anything new?? 

I LOVE this song!! Enjoy!!

Julia x


  1. i love that song is so catchy!

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  3. Aw those shorts are gorgeous! So glam! Love the velvet :) gotta love some topshop treats!

    Have a fab weekend out in Cardiff - Always wanted to visit seems a lovely city :)

    Gorgeous blog - was trying to find your GFC button so I could follow but it wouldn't pop up, however my laptop is a little biatch sometimes so it couldjust be that. Will deffo pop back and try again soon though you have such a fab writing style :)


  4. aw thanks for ur lovely comment... always wonder is there anyone actually reading my ramblings! ha!
    Cardiff is a lovely city! with great shops! you should defo visit!

    GFC button should be underneath "my fave blogs" bit...?

    Julia xx