Monday, 28 November 2011

Blah blah blah..............

Hello lovelies!

My goodness... i feel so bloody boring these days! All i seem to be doing is working or sleeping!! Seriously need some proper time off!! Off work today and have had a throughly fabulous day cleaning- i do love cleaning so today has been in no ways wasted! but i yearn to do something fun!! Also, been working a mixture of day and night shifts, so that again screws up any sociable plans!!
Such a rant!!!!

But anyways.. on to something nicer... I have a lovely week off next week, which will be spent shopping, drinking dancing (work christmas party) and just having some lovely days off work! Two weeks ago, i bought 5 new outfits.. yes 5, from shoes to accessories!!. I go mad when I'm finally let loose to shop! So far i've been able to wear one! NOT FAIR! So over the course of the next week, i hope to give all 5 a whirl and take lots of photos...

Gona do my christmas wish list up and also book my ticket to the bloggers christmas party!! The lovely Kate Louise has kindly said i can tag along,  travel with her to Bristol for the big night out! #excited!!! Need to decide on an outfit now!! Eek!! As i'm new to the whole blogging things, this is very daunting!! Any suggestions on outfits??

Off to do more cleaning now!

Julia x

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