Friday, 4 November 2011

Happy Movember!

This is my lovely Mo ring- fitting since it's Movember!!

Lovelies.. oh my! Yet another post about how long it's been since my last post!! I need to get back to this...but then anyone actually reading/caring what i'm putting on here?! Oh well... i shall ramble on anyways...

Hope you've all been fabulous and buying lots of gorgeous things! Last week, I moved house.. so I'm gona use that as my excuse reason for blogging so sporadically! Goodness- it was such a nightmare!! Packing up a years worth of new purchases along with my already exisiting stuffed wardrobes was such a task! I also came to the conclusion that a major cull is needed! I've less wardrobe space in my new house compared to my last place, so that is also why i need to cull! :(
Good news re this: EXCUSE FOR SHOPPING!! YESSS!!

Was in Topshop yesterday evening and they had a "late night event".... free cider (which was delish! cinnamon, apple and strawberry i think i chose) free nail painting, goodie bags and a DJ... was a nice surprise considering i was just heading in for new leggings!

Spotted these boots that i need in my life!! And a plethora of other things..again, why can i not be rich!?!

Has anyone bought anything lovely recently that i can lust after?! moving house has seriously cut down my shopping budget!! :(

Julia x

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