Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Never was a fan of falsies and then i came across the ever so stylish Gem's tip on some falsie nail art and was hooked.... 

First up.. chosen falsie stuck to ear buds with white tack.. These nails are from a set of 100 i got from Boots.. Handy!

 Next step: Paint with chosen base. This is a lovely one from Topshop- i love the coverage from these..some colours do need 2 coats, but this is only one coat!

Next step: I painted some of the fabulous glittery OPI varnish from "the Muppets" collection.

I forgot to get some photos of putting them on and filing them down, but they can be seen in the previous blog post..

Simples! Enjoy lovelies!

Julia xx


  1. Hey hun, thank you for your lovely comment. :) There's a Christmas Bloggers Meet taking place in Bristol on 16th December! (http://vivatramp.blogspot.com/2011/11/blogger-christmas-do.html) It's £5 and there's a few of us going from the South Wales area - I live in Cardiff so you can always travel up with me? :) I think some of us are planning on staying over too and having a little Blogger Travelodge Party after. :P xoxox

  2. oh fab!! this sounds like a great night! i'll check and make sure im defo off work and hopefully there are still tickets! I'll be in touch! Thanks! :) xxxxx